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Pulp & Bio Products from Marine Material
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Innovative Technology

Since our founding in 2015 we have been refining manufacturing process and nanofiber production technology.

By leveraging abundantly available natural materials derived from marine sources we can scale our production and make it economically feasible for commercialization.

Sustainability is embedded in MarineOvation’s business strategy, which is focused on developing innovative solutions to the world’s environmental sustainability challenges. This strategy is evidenced through our investments in research, technology and products.

Our offerings help our customers experience higher quality products and become responsible corporate citizens.

We have accumulated over 20 patents related to nanofiber technology. Our patented technology in absorption techniques is a great alternative to nondegradable fossil fuel-based polymers.

R & D

World First Marine Fiber Developer (Since 2005~).


Development of marine material aquaculture, production facilities and process technology.


Cosmetic, Bio Diaper & Sanitary Pads, Natural HEPA filter, etc.

Portfolio & Application

Pulp & Bio Products from Marine Materials.

Award from Germany
Award from Germany
World First Marine Fiber Developer
Winner of Innovation Technology Contest
FCC Paper
High quality Cost effective Paper made from Lime Stone & Nano Cellurose
HEPA Filter
World First Natural HEPA Filter
Air Filter for Car, Mask, Clean Room, etc.
Bio Super Absobers from Marine Materials.
eco-Friendly Bio-degradable Marine Fiber.
Bio-Diaper & Sanitary Pad
World First Marine Fiber Super Absorbers without Microplastic Chemical.
Marine Cosmetic
Special function from Seaweed Extract
Facial Mask, Organic Marine Soap.


"Eco-friendly Life Style Trend Leader" - Marinebio Group

Our Amazing Team

World First Developer of Marine Fiber.
We research, develop and produce eco-friendly bio products that are essential for a healthy well-being life.


Yun Young, Heo

CEO & President/

Yun Young started MarineBio in 2015 as the President & CEO, bringing with him over 30 years of experience in technology and international business. As the CEO of MarineBio, Yun Young is responsible for executing company's mission, vision, and values. Yun Young began his business management career at Samsung Group where he held several leadership positions. In 2000, left Samsung to pursue a career in international sales and business development. He created a global happiness project that makes everyone in the global family happy using eco-friendly seaweed materials.

Professor Seo

Yung Bum, Seo


Prof. Seo is a co-founder of Marinebio. He is the world first developer of Marine Fiber. He studied Seoul National University and got Ph.D from Dept. of Paper Science and Engineering, ESF, State University of New York (1988). He workded for International Paper Co. in USA, as Research Scientist. Since 1994, He has been working as a professor at Chungnam National University in south korea for 28 years. He has more than 30 registered patents and publicated more than 80 papers related Red algae and their use in papermaking, Bioresources Technology, Vol. 101(7): 2549-2553, 2010 published in international and Korean journals.


John, Yu


John comes to MarineBio with an extensive strategic and operational leadership experience. Prior to joining MarineBio, John worked at several technology based companies and startups where he was responsible for the strategy execution, new product launches and operations. John also held leadership positions at Time Warner Cable, Sprint-Nextel and CenturyLink. John has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, MS in Systems Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and BS in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech.


Chang Yun, Chung

Vice President

Chang Yun comes to MarineBio with an extensive strategic and operational leadership experience. As the Vice President of MarineBio, Chang Yun is responsible for executing company's mission, vision, and values. Chang Yun began his business management career at LG Electronics Co., Ltd. He worked for several position. He worked for Reincom which is famous for MP3 player. He developed Security paper for the first time in the world and founded Koreit Co., Ltd. and worked for Security paper production and sales as COO.

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