Pulp and Bio Material from Red algae.

Poverty is the lack of basic needs, such as clean water, nutrition, health care, education, clothing and shelter.

This is the red algae project that can provide food for the poor people and protect their environment.

If a poor country has been located in ocean, it is possible for them to cultivate red algae.

Red algae is an environmentally friendly biomaterial called red oil that grows in the sea and remove carbon dioxide.So, Red algae can make many families of the world happy.

Here are the benefits of red algae cultivation

1) Red algae cultivation can provide jobs to anyone who does not have the expertise to create income. Red algae cultivation can allow sustainable income as long as the sea exists for the people living near the seashore in the poor countries.

2) Reduction of wood logging, which is against global warming, and absorption of GHG (green house gas).Red algae grows through photosynthesis. One ton of red algae absorbs 1.63 tons of CO2. So it absorbs GHG 5 times more than tropical rain forest. Algae cultivation is one of the best options to prevent global warming.

3) Solution of the environmental destruction problem caused by non-biodegradable waste around the world. The material produced by the red algae will be a high-quality biomaterial that will provide a better quality of life.


MarineBio is the world's only producer of red algae fibers and biomaterials, which are eco-friendly products manufactured by eco - friendly methods. The high quality algae fibers are extracted from the residue after agar has been extracted from red algae.

The seaweed pulp production process uses much less energy compared to the conventional wood pulp process.

MarineBio is a seaweed biomaterial company that possesses many relevant patents and professional manpower for material technology, material utilization technology, pulp production technology and material commercialization technology to produce high quality algae biomaterials.

Here are the areas of red algae utilization.

1) Cosmetics, Mask pack

2) Bioplastics

3) Diet food

4) Nano-cellulose

5) Paper and filter paper

6) Cloth


MarineBio aims to prevent the global warming through the seaweed cultivation in the poor countries, and to generate income for the people of the poor countries, and to pave the way for poverty alleviation.

We will manufacture high quality, environmentally friendly algae fibers so that all the families of the world can share the benefits of red algae.